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Mothers & More Membership and Benefits

Membership to Mothers & More is at the national level. However, our members also enjoy many local-level benefits with this membership. The following explains membership benefits, and how you can join our organization.

What Are the Benefits of Local Chapter Affiliation/Membership?

On the local level, our members enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Monthly Meetings with Topical Discussions and/or Guest Speakers
  • Weekly Playgroups
  • Mom's Night Out Activities
  • Annual Mom's weekend Retreat
  • Book Club Meetings
  • Monthly Seasoned Mom's Group Activities & Discussions
  • Advocacy and Community Outreach Programs
  • Fundraising Events
  • Family Outings
  • Quarterly Couples' Night Out Events
  • Special Holiday Events & Parties
  • Local Monthly Newsletter Information
  • Local Web Site Information and Usage

Additionally, your local membership provides you with valuable leadership opportunities, as well as the chance to keep work skills current and acquire new skills by volunteering your time and talents in a variety of areas. These areas can include chapter coordination, membership, online services, publications, media relations, marketing, advocacy and development.


What Are the Benefits of National Membership?

Your national Mothers & More membership entitles you to many more services and benefits, including:

  • The Forum
    A unique national bimonthly publication focusing on work and family issues, survival techniques for life at home and in the workplace, ideas for personal enrichment, book reviews, author interviews, and other subjects of interest to sequencing women.
  • Online Services
    An interactive international web site with a variety of "members-only" services, such as e-mail loops, online chats, message boards, monthly topics, and timely news and information of interest to sequencing women.

How Do I Join Mothers & More?

You can join Mothers & More, by filling our our membership form and mailing it with your annual membership fee to us. Membership forms can be obtained at our monthly meetings or from one of the chapter's co-leaders. For more membership information about the Northwest Houston chapter, email us or call us at 866-841-9139, ext. 3204.

In addition, you can join on the web at the National Mothers & More Web Site. You are also encouraged to attend one of our local monthly membership meetings where you may also join. (You can attend up to three events locally before membership is required.) Yearly membership fees can also be found on the National Mothers & More Membership Page .